Volume 4, Issue 3 (Summer 2018)  

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● Midwifery textbooks are more appropriate than obstetrical textbooks for teaching professional labor support to midwifery students.
● Midwifery students who studied labor support based on these textbooks satisfied women, who had given birth under their care.
Plain Language Summary
Labor support is an important factor for the satisfaction of women during childbirth. Currently, labor support is taught based on Obstetrical textbooks. However, Midwifery textbooks are a better source for teaching this topic to Iranian midwifery students. Our research showed that the women who had given birth under the supervision of educated students with Midwifery textbooks were more satisfied.

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● About 96.67% of children with autism have sensory challenges in at least one sensory domain.
● Almost 74.4% of these children got scores more than 2 SD below the typical mean of Vineland scores.
● The subdomain of fine motor skills in these children showed higher challenges than gross motor skills.
● This study proved significant inverse effect for the movement processing on gross motor skills of autism children.
Plain Language Summary
Autism is a disorder that limits persons’ ability to interact with others. It affects social communication, language, and sensory processing. Autism is characterized by many manifestations, one of them is sensory processing disorder, which refers to unusual receiving, organizing, and interpreting sensory stimuli. Sensory processing disorder may be over-responsivity, under-responsivity, or sensory seeking. Sensory processing disorder affects adaptive behavior i.e. a person’s ability to function independently. This study aimed to evaluate challenges in sensory processing and the motor domain of adaptive behavior among children with autism in Egypt, and also to explore the effect of sensory processing on subdomains of gross and fine motor skills. The results showed various challenges in children’s sensory processing and the motor domain of adaptive behavior.

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● The prevalence of catatonic symptoms in men was lower than that in women.
● The prevalence of catatonic schizophrenia symptoms is higher at younger ages.
● Reducing the duration of admission can greatly help in lowering the cost of treatment of catatonia symptoms.
Plain Language Summary
Catatonia is a complex neuropsychological disorder which refers to a number of abnormalities in movement, volition, speech, and behavior. Historically, the term catatonia has been associated with schizophrenia and psychoses, but it can occur with a wide range of conditions. Catatonia is potentially life threatening. The results obtained in the present study have shown that only 0.26% of mental disorder patients who were hospitalized during past five years, were catatonic schizophrenia, also gender and age are associated with the prevalence of catatonic schizophrenia.

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● Married elderly people reported a higher quality of life than others.
● Spiritual performance is not related to loss in physical ability.
● All dimensions of quality of life among Iranian elderly men were significantly higher than those in older Iranian women.
● There is a correlation between spiritual well-being and quality of life.
Plain Language Summary
The number of elderly people is increasing all over the world and it is important to know about their quality of life. One of the important areas affecting on quality of life is spiritual health state that we aimed to clarify their relationship. A group of elderly people living in one of the Iranian cities, Arak, were asked to fill the questionnaire related to their health state. After analyzing the gathered data, we realized the strong relationship between spiritual well-being and how these people find life enjoyable and being satisfied.

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● Internet addiction in female students had a significant negative relationship with spiritual wellbeing in their mothers.
● The Internet addiction in female students had a significant positive relationship with mental health and its subscales in mothers.
● The higher level of mental health and spiritual well-being in parents, especially mothers, can reduce the effects of inappropriate use of the Internet and Internet addiction in their children.
Plain Language Summary
Considering the rising trend of Internet use in Iran, especially among adolescents and youth, studying the factors that contribute to Internet addiction of particular importance. Because no research has already been conducted on the Internet addiction female students in Iran, we attempted to investigate the association between the Internet addiction in female children and the mental health and spiritual wellbeing of their mothers.

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● The mean difference of resilience before and after the intervention in the Heart failure group and healthy groups was significantly different.
● Before the self-care education, the mean score of resilience was not significantly different between the healthy and heart failure groups, but after intervention, the difference between them significantly increased.
● Self-care education was able to increase resilience in the patients with heart failure.
● Health-care providers should increase the resilience of these patients in critical conditions by providing self-care education programs.
Plain Language Summary
The heart as a functional organ can be affected by a variety of disorders and diseases. Heart failure (HF) is known as one of the cardiovascular diseases, which causes severe physical and mental symptoms in the affected patients. In recent years, the focus is on using educational interventions combined with self-care technique for its treatment. In this regard, resilience skills can reduce the likelihood of having a heart failure and encourage people to follow the health care tips. This quasi-experimental study investigated the effect of self-care education on the resilience of patients with HF. They were examined using the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale and the test group received self-care training program. The study results showed that the mean resilience score increased after the intervention in the test group, indicating the effectiveness of self-care education.

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